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  2. Ex-CIA agent Jerry Chun Shing Lee admits spying for China
  3. John le Carré’s ‘A Legacy of Spies’ - The Atlantic
  4. 13. The Use of Spies

Locals, in general, seem less interested. One man, whose family were among those who lost their homes in the run-up to the building of the dam and reservoir that were never actually built, voiced lingering resentment in a article in The Pocono Record. But Pierce wants to recount the stories of the people who were evicted, as well as those of some of the strange bedfellows who successfully fought construction of the dam.

Douglas joined a much-publicized hike to Sunfish Pond in New Jersey — a hike designed to draw attention to the forty-acre glacial pond atop the Kittatiny Mountain that would have been destroyed by the original plans for the dam. His investigations into real estate fraud and rampant foreclosures in Monroe County, Pennsylvania — particularly in newly developed communities along Interstates 80 and , around twenty miles west and north of the Delaware Water Gap — led to an award-winning series of articles, published in The Pocono Record in and Pierce reports that between the mids and today, the population of Monroe County, Pennsylvania, home of the Pocono Mountains, grew from 40, to , In April , well before the mortgage crisis became an item of national interest in the U.

That was one in five of all mortgaged homes. Pierce, Moss, Jacobs, Matt Birkbeck of the Lehigh Valley, PA Morning Call , and other reporters have all recounted the tales of unscrupulous developers and financiers who lured first-time home buyers — particularly middle-income minority buyers from New York City — to Monroe County with promises of green lawns, stunning views, and gated communities in the beautiful Pocono Mountains.

All for less than half the price of a home in nearer suburbs in New York or New Jersey. One Pocono-area builder, Gene Percudani , launched an advertising campaign in New York that rings with hollow irony now. Every American wants it; every American deserves it. These were things that the mortgage unit of Chase Manhattan — the bank Percudani worked with — somehow overlooked.

We can try to keep realizing westward, but unfortunately, some things are simply finite. Even a seemingly slight action on one tract of land can trigger far-spreading ecological ripples. A new struggle over land and water in the Delaware Water Gap National Recreation Area emerged in , when Pennsylvania Power and Light Electric Utilities and New Jersey Public Service Electric both received state approval pending environmental permits to begin building a kilovolt power line through the park.

The mile, two-state line would span the river and would require the erection of foot-high towers in the middle of the park. Besides marring the landscape, opponents contend that construction of the line could contaminate groundwater. The greatest threat to the Upper Delaware, according to the American Rivers web site, was the location of both the river and its watershed over the geological formation known as the Marcellus Shale.


Multinational energy corporations have already acquired drilling rights to tracts of land atop the extensive Marcellus Shale, which covers large portions of New York, Pennsylvania, West Virginia, and Ohio. According to American Rivers, two companies alone, Chesapeake Appalachia and Statoil, plan to develop 13, to 17, gas wells in the Upper Delaware River region in the next twenty years.

The greatest threat to the Susquehanna, according to the American Rivers web site, is natural gas extraction. At risk is clean drinking water. Meanwhile, most of those evacuated farmhouses on both sides of the Upper Delaware River, the ones you can see on your driving tour through the Delaware Water Gap National Recreation Area, are languishing. The Parks Service does sponsor a leasing program, whereby farm fields in the Upper Delaware Valley are rented by farmers.

Though long-term leases of twenty to thirty years were once available, in recent years the program has shifted to competitive, three- to five-year leases. To inquire about a property, you have to first contact the Parks Service in writing. Most will require extensive rehabilitation and high investments of time and money on your part — several hundred thousand dollars at the very least. Grants and government funds are not available. We do what we can with the funds and the personnel that we have. Their inheritance of these historic structures was, essentially, an accident.

Twenty miles to the northwest, other, newer homes — foreclosed ones — also stand vacant, and beleaguered mortgage holders continue their endless battles with developers like the giant Toll Brothers Developers, recently known, in the Poconos, as Toll and Big Ridge Developers , who simply form new companies or change their names and move on. Two years later, embroiled in his own tangled legal struggles, Wilson helped found the Pocono Homeowners Defense Association.

I believe it must be as recent as , when President Bill Clinton directed HUD Secretary Henry Cisneros to launch a National Homeownership Strategy, with the goal of finding creative measures to increase the national homeownership rate.

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Clinton went on to declare June 5, as National Homeownership Day. Not to be outdone, President George W. Bush declared June National Homeownership Month. Never mind that what most Americans owned were mortgages, made possible by federal programs. Do we really know what every American wants? What every American deserves?

Ex-CIA agent Jerry Chun Shing Lee admits spying for China

Some green space? Some safety?

Abundant — and drinkable — water? Easy access to the places we want, or need, to be? Drawing on the writings of Aldo Leopold and Wendell Berry , Eric Freyfogle tries to frame a new way of understanding property, one no longer rooted in notions of boundless resources and manifest destiny. Another poet had a similar vision, back in the late eighteenth and early nineteenth centuries in England, at the time of the Enclosure Act, with its passing of commonly held lands into the hands of private owners.

What do we want?

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What do we deserve? But I wonder If from its being kept forever under, The thoughts may not have risen that so keep This new-built city from both work and sleep. He was a tactician, poet, zoologist, melon enthusiast, Muslim, and badass. He was also the author of the Baburnama , an autobiography unprecedented in its milieu. In setting out to write about the Baburnama , I learned that most of the good quotations have already been used, either by E. Babur, it turns out, is highly quotable and widely admired by discerning minds. So, like a painter in the Timurid style, I must contrive to cunningly rearrange themes that were established long before I picked up the brush.

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  5. Political legitimacy was an appanage nightmare, wherein your family was the calling card of your right to rule, but also the most likely to kill you and take over your territory. Let none of you covet it. They welter from start to finish. Sometimes twenty new ones occur on a page and never recur. This is a bit rich from a person whose hereditary monarchy is populated mostly with people named George, Henry, and Elizabeth, and whose nobles are named after ancestral knolls and ranked by the placement of a comma.

    That said, the names in the Baburnama are rough going. I find, though, that sorting them is not very important. They left the battle and began to unhorse and plunder our own men. It was not just here they did this: those wretched Moghuls always do this. If they win they take booty; if they lose they unhorse their own people and plunder them for for booty.

    John le Carré’s ‘A Legacy of Spies’ - The Atlantic

    After capturing and failing to keep Samarkand and other cities in modern-day Uzbekistan, Babur makes for Afghanistan, then India. Babur is a pious fellow, but a hard partier. His complaints about Hindustan eerily anticipate his British colonial successors, and were, according to Forster, heavily quoted by Anglo-Indians down the line: Hindustan is a place of little charm… There are no good horses, meat, grapes, melons, or other fruit.

    There is no ice, cold water, good food or bread in the markets. There are no baths and no madrasas. There are no candles, torches, or candlesticks. You almost expect hear him call the boy for another gin. Melons are a thing with Babur. Hot, grumpy, and newly sober in Hindustan, he remembers the melons of Kabul: How can one forget the pleasures of that country?

    13. The Use of Spies

    Especially when abstaining from drinking, how can one allow oneself to forget a licit pleasure like melons and grapes? Recently a melon was brought, and as I cut it and at it I was oddly affected. I wept the whole time I was eating it. Melons, grapes, partridges—all of these fall under the purview of the Baburnama. The Baburnama is full of curious but engaging digressions on alligators, muskrats, bats with puppy faces, varieties of mango, and so on. Babur was in India for conquest, and as such he killed people and took their things.

    From now on write with uncomplicated, clear, and plain words. He was a valiant man.

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    He was a sycophant, and parsimony prevailed in his nature.