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Hard Fall: Special Edition: A Lucy Guardino FBI Thriller with a BONUS novella - After Shock
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Obeah practices are not restricted to any class, racial group or educational background. Obeah is the scapegoat for bad times, something to hang bad luck on, and ready explanation for disease. Obeah is real, not only because people think it is but because its practitioners have a formidable knowledge of the properties of plants.

Animal entrails may be part of their kit, but it is the leaf broths and bark teas and berry astringents with which these expert herbalists are able to heal or to harm.

The Years of Living Dangerously

He can recommend virility victuals and insure faithfulness from one's beloved. With his occult powers, the obeah doctor can control both the living and the dead. Add salt and tie de bag on your wall. Right away, wherever he may be, de foot or arm goan swell up and take sores. If such techniques fail, it means simply that the person not a true believer.

That is the obeah doctor's insurance against failure. Faith can move mountains, so if the mountains refuse to budge there is obviously serious lack of faith somewhere. Woe to anyone who discovers a dead lizard in a matchbox on his porch or tiny box covered in black cloth and containing a seed or coffin nail wrapped in black, for those are signs that his own body will soon be in its shroud.

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A coin or handkerchief found in the yard not disturbed for fear it might be hexed. Jumbie dust or grave dirt is powerful stuff. If it is sprinkled where an enemy walks in bare feet, his legs will soon start to itch, then swell up and begin burning with pain and break out in festering sores. Unless he gets help from the bush doctor and soaks in prescribed herb cures, he could get an infection and might even die.

Of course a nonsuperstltious American tourist wouldn't believe any of this macabre malarky. That is, not until he visits the but of someone like Jestina Bailey, the obeah woman, or hears the story told by an overseer for a banana estate on St. Doctor couldn'a help.

A review of It Never Rains on National Day by Jeremy Tiang

He doan know what cause her agonies. So at last, I takes her to de bush doctor. Somewhat reluctantly the overseer consents to let a visitor tag along when he takes the girl to Jestina Bailey for treatment. Jestina's neighbors not only stand in awe of her unfathomable powers, they have also made her the neighborhood scapegoat.

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Plenty trouble from her. De Lawd save me, for suddenly I hear myself speakin in tongues. From my mouth comin words doan unnerstand. Then she vanish and since that night, I got no more misery. Jestina learned her secrets and inherited her powers, it is said, from her father, Ezra Bailey.

Before nine day dawnin Ezra's ooman and two children take sick and lie down and die. Only de daughter, Jestina, left to carry on his dirty business. Ezra's daughter had apparently been a willing volunteer and had studied under experts at Trinidad. Some timehonored obeah formulas have been recorded by an underground press.

More often, obeah secrets are Jealously guarded. It was 11 P. Vincent's capital. The girl's appointment with the bush doctor was set for midnight. The group trudged dirt path through arrowroot fields, toting baskets of breadfruit, avocados and rum, partial payment for medical fees.

It was a heavy darkness, unbroken by neon or electric lights. The sea, whose incessant rhythms were comforting by day, now seemed menacing. Soldier crabs made a weird clatter as they crawled through town, eternally on their way between sea and mountaintop, seeking fresh water. Indeed, in this nocturnal atmosphere, their dragging claws could be taken for footsteps or jumbie chains.

Caribbean nights belong to the wind, which sets tropical leaves fluttering like huge hands and breaks the stillness with whistling echoes. Over all, those frowning omnipresent moun tains, the rugged spine of the island, brooded above their domain like so many primeval gods. Bush doctors do not hang out shingles. The party struggled through vines that would have made Tarzan jump for joy. The but of Jestina Bailey, Spellbinder, was far from any road. Just before he knocked at the deer of the small, unpainted shack, the girl's father pointed to a pot where a skull was buried —filled with silver coins to keep the spirit on Jestina's side.

When Jestina opened the heavy wooden door, the callers were surprised to see that she didn't bear the slightest resemblance to a Halloween witch. Inside, under better light, the visitor recognized the sorceress as a woman who worked at the hotel laundry. The overseer's daughter, who did indeed have an unsightly skin condition, got into a bush bath outside at precisely midnight.

Jestina Bailey disclosed that this particular cure had been revealed to her in a dream. Her therapy was combination of ancient root remedies, Christian incantations and intuitive psychology.

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Although the rest of the party was excluded from the mysterious ceremony of exorcism, they could hear strange chanting and see from the window Jestina kneeling before a burning candle. The black candle, sometimes planted outside the house of a person under hex, symbolizes death and destruction. Tools of the trade of alchemy and witchcraft cluttered Jestina Bailey's shack.

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Calabash bowls held animal bones and teeth. Her other paraphernalia included feathers, egg shells, playing cards, cat and dog skulls and citrus peels. Packets of leaves and roots hung from walls and hundreds of bottles lining shelves were filled with powdered leaves, ground herbs, human hair and ashes. All that is required is the faith of the followers. Animal entrails may be part of the obeah bag, but much more powerful are the lotions and potions.

A Sinkhole Hole Destroyed This Woman's House - Living Dangerously - Wonder

Although some obeak, recipes are jealously guarded professional secrets, others are common knowledge. Soursop leaves steeped in hot water brews homemade phenobarbitol. The dead can have power over the living. A jumbie, or zombie, is an emissary of the devil who borrows the body of someone who has died. It roams at will and can enter another human or animal body, even forcing a man to commit a crime a belief which supplies an offender with a handy alibi.

Was de jumbie come to carry her away.

The obeah doctor can summon jumbies for assistance. One young man, a clerk in a supermarket on St. He watched and It turned into a green phosphorescence and he was nearly overcome by a stench of decaying matter. He could hear Jestina chanting frenzied words inside. Suddenly, where the glow had been, there appeared ram, which immediately ambled off into the darkness. The pantheon of obeah is a full one. Doan put de maljeau on her. People may not know that their eye is evil. A taxi driver described one such case.

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  • She doan know she got de evil eye. In the Grenadines, the island chain between St. Vincent and Grenada, houses are often marked with the sign of the cross against the evil eye and parents may protect their newborn baby by calling in the bush doctor to bathe him and say prayers for his welfare. As with all of her other books, CJ Lyons never disappoints. She is a brilliant writer and storyteller both, which is not often found in an author. This is the latest in the Lucy Guardino mysteries… and I have to say this is the most intense and action packed of all.

    Keeps you on the edge of your seat from page one! The characters we're come to be intrigued by in previous work are back, but in unexpected ways. Just when I think I'm sure what one will do, he or she surprises me with a move I didn't see coming. Buy it! You won't be sorry. Filtern: 5 Sterne 0. Rapists, serial killers, pedophiles-she's faced them all down with her signature grit and determination. But today is different. Because the man who has taken her prisoner has promised Lucy three things: that before this day is over, she will be dead; that someone in her family will also die; and that he always wins.

    Trapped inside her worst nightmare, Lucy faces a ruthless killer as he plays Russian roulette with the lives of those she loves. Wounded and unarmed, how can Lucy defeat a psychopath who doesn't play by any rules? After Shock is a heart-pounding, lightning-paced thrill ride that will leave readers breathless as they root for the ultimate superheroine next door. There comes a time in every hero's life when they fall harder and father than ever before and they face a choice that changes everything: to give up or claw their way back again.

    Lucy thought she'd made her choice two months ago when she sacrificed everything to save her family, but now she has to decide whether or not she can save herself Lyons delights and satisfies. Highly recommend! One note: readers with a fear of snakes should pick up this story carefully.